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Brown Review Specializes in the administration and processing of workers’ compensation and Auto/PIP charges for medical services. Our experienced and trained personnel are dedicated to providing clients with service levels that exceed expectations. Navigating the complexities of medical billing takes knowledge and experience that only select professionals possess. To add to the complexity, what is permissible under law differs from state to state. The application of the latest software and technology assists those professionals in their ability to determine the accuracy of billing.

Every bill that passes through our three-step process is closely scrutinized by a registered nurse, as well as by a software program with built-in edits.

We partner with various Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) so that maximum savings are achieved on every bill. The use of EDI allows us to expedite our review and to return the bills to you, the payer, in the shortest possible time. Our software system is capable of producing standard and custom management reports that will outline your local or national healthcare costs and provide you with tools to manage them going forward.

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    We provide technical and professional review of charges for medical services, while adhering to all State mandated guidelines or Usual and Customary guidelines.

    Through our affiliation with multiple Preferred Provider Organizations, We are able to maximize savings by adding network pricing adjustments to billed charges.

    We offer the latest technological capabilities in order to ensure that the bill review process is as efficient, effective and as accurate as possible, while maintaining the personal attention that is required to achieve the best overall results.

    We offer additional services that complement bill review, including file reviews, peer reviews, Medicare reporting/set-asides, and RN consultations.

    Our focus remains on the following core standards

    • Savings
    • Service
    • Ovreall Cost
    • Turnaround Time
    • Responsiveness and Accessibility
    • Technological Efficiency and Innovation
    • Process Control
    • Courtesy
    • Data Confidentiality
    • Transparency

    In addition, we are dedicated to upholding the following principles.

    • Decisions must be made in a timely manner.
    • All parties must be notified of review decisions.
    • The criteria used to determine medical necessity, denials must be clear.
    • An appeals process must be established.
    • We will have properly credentialed, trained and experienced staff.
    • Brown will maintain proper state approval or licensure.
    • Our systems include up-to-date software/database elements.
    • We will maximize PPO penetrations by utilizing primary, secondary, tertiary networks.
    • Brown offers a wide variety standard and customized reports.
    • We will always quickly and courteously respond to client and provider requests.

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Review Services

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Provider and Hospital Bill Review
Technical Bill Review
Pharmacy Review
Benefits Coordination
PPO Access Management
Professional File Review
24/7 Secure Internet Based Data Access
Customized Reporting Capabilities
Peer Reviews
Out-of-Network Bill Negotiations
Courier Services
Internal Case Management Intervention
Customized Reporting Capabilities

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