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Medical Case Management

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Medical Case Managers coordinate the medical care for the claimant to expedite the recovery and return of the claimant back to an optimal level of functioning. Brown Rehab Management medical case managers offer a wide range of technical expertise, including extensive knowledge of numerous medical disorders including orthopedic, psychiatric, neurological, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Medical Case Management (Field and Telephonic):
    Proactive Medical Care Coordination
    Catastrophic Case Management
    Record Review
    Expert Witness Testimony
    Job Analysis (video analysis available)
    Provider Coordination and Negotiation
    Life Care Planning (CLCP on staff)
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Vocational Case Management

Vocational Case Managers provide vocational services to persons with disabilities to assist them with identifying vocational alternatives that are within their current skill and ability levels. Through a careful analysis of a person’s work history, educational background, and physical abilities, our VCMs will develop an individualized rehabilitation plan which will focus on return to work options. Our vocational services include:

Brown vocational case managers
    Proactive Job Placement Services
    Vocational Testing
    Job Placement Center
    Individualized Rehabilitation Plan
    Job Analysis (video analysis available)
    Job Coaching
    Job Development
    Job Seeking Skills Training
    Basic Computer Training
    Basic Typing Skills Training
    Resume Development
    Record Review
    Skill Analysis
    Labor Market Survey
    Wage Earning Capacity Assessments
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Wage Earning Capacity Assessment

In December 2011, the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Act was revised to define “disability” as a limitation of an Employee’s “Wage Earning Capacity” in work suitable to the Injured Worker’s qualifications, training, and any functional limitations resulting from work-related injury or disease.

This limitation exists only if the injury results in the Injured Worker being unable to perform all jobs which are suitable to his or her qualifications and training, taking into consideration that person’s transferable skills.

Brown Rehabilitation Management Vocational Case Managers can assist you by identifying available jobs that exist in the current labor market that are consistent with the Injured Worker’s abilities and restrictions.

The “burden” falls upon the Injured Worker to prove that he or she is unable to do any of the jobs which may be identified by the Vocational Case Manager. The Injured Worker must:

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    Disclose his/her educational background, certifications, work history, skills and qualifications


    Comply with a Vocational Assessment if requested by the Defense, with a Vocational Case Manager of the Defense’s choosing, and


    Make an effort to seek work, and demonstrate documented job seeking efforts, also known as "vocational evidence."

Our Wage Earning Capacity Assessments can assist with the resolution of your claims. The written Assessment includes the following:

    briefcase & folder

    Detail regarding the Injured Worker’s educational background, work history, skills, qualifications, and licenses/certifications.


    History of the Injured Worker’s job seeking activity since his/her date of injury.


    Transferable Skills Analysis, which will identify viable vocational alternatives for which the Injured Worker would qualify.


    Labor Market Research results obtained by identifying and contacting geographically appropriate job openings.


    A conclusive statement regarding the Injured Worker’s Wage Earning Capacity.

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In order to complete this evaluation, we ask that you provide our staff with current medical restrictions from both the treating physician(s) and independent medical examiner(s); the State of Michigan Form 105 (if available); any medical deposition transcripts that may provide pertinent information; and an Employment Application from the employer of record completed by the Injured Worker (if available).

Our highly experienced Vocational Case Managers are experienced in providing expert witness testimony, and possess industry-relevant credentials which serve well in litigated claims.

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Job Placement Center

The Brown Job Placement Center offers participants aggressive, pro-active job search assistance in a workplace setting.

Claimant Participation:
    Two to four half-days per week is recommended. For claimants needing to travel long distances, intensive one-day sessions are available. Claimants are expected to be punctual, dressed in business casual attire, and prepared to participate in job seeking efforts as if the job search were their full-time job.

Job Placement Features:

    - Individual workstations (computer, telephone, fax, photocopier available to each claimant in attendance)
    - Mavis Beacon Typing Tutorial Program
    - Basic computer training (Windows, Word, Excel and Powerpoint)
    - 1:1 interviewing and job-seeking skill development with a Vocational Rehabilitation specialist.
    - Job leads provided to the claimant to pursue. Claimants are also expected to generate leads on their own behalf while in JPC, and provide evidence of their efforts.
    - Claimants are provided with homework to complete at the conclusion of each JPC session.

Job Placement Benefits:
    Job Placement
    Well Documented Job Search Activity
    Job leads utilizing the internet
    Case Resolution
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