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Services Overview

Brown Rehabilitation Management, Inc. is a full service case management and cost containment company. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals work with insurance companies, government entities, attorneys, third party administrators and self-insured employers to manage workers’ compensation, auto no-fault and general liability claims.

We are in the business of delivering the highest quality disability case management and cost containment services at a competitive price.

We do this by drawing upon our team of highly qualified staff of case managers, bill review technicians, sales/marketing team and support staff. We offer the knowledge, experience and the personnel to provide quality assured, highly specialized services to each of our clients with the flexibility to accommodate individual needs. We stand behind our reputation of excellence and commitment.

Building Partnerships That Last

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Brown Rehabilitation Management, Inc. was formed in 1994 to provide medical case management services. As the company quickly grew, additional services were added. Vocational case management, a Job Placement Center and a bill review division now round out our comprehensive package of cost containment services. Our staff of over 70 dedicated professionals work hard to offer the best service in the industry.

Brown Rehab, the company’s medical and vocational rehabilitation division, assists its clients in containing costs and managing the quality of care in the areas of workers' compensation and auto injury insurance claims. The services provided include field and telephonic case management. Vocational rehabilitation focuses on locating alternate employment opportunities for claimants unable to return to their pre-injury jobs.

Brown Review, formed in 1997, audits medical provider charges for injured claimants (workers' compensation and auto personal injuries) in accordance with guidelines provided by the state from which the bill originated or for usual and customary amounts.

Brown Rehabilitation Management, Inc. looks forward to working with you in the near future, with the goal of a successful outcome and resolution of cases on a timely basis.

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Through our commitment to each client, we promise to: Effectively and consistently provide case management and cost containment services, accommodate each customer's individual needs, employ every available resource to provide clients with a solid range of service options.

Collective Strengths

At Brown Rehab & Review Management, we are: Proactive, customer driven, experienced and dedicated aggressive negotiators.